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The Pet Care Service Helping Aussies on NDIS

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The thrill of the swipe is no longer limited to humans, with a new pet care service offering you - and your favourite furry friends - the chance to partner with the sitter of your dreams.

Think, someone to cat-watch your kittens, walk your dog or even drive your beloved budgie to their next vet visit while you handle homeschooling and WFH-commitments.


The Pet Care Service you never knew you needed

Pet Cloud founder Deb Morrison first had her “a-ha” moment in 2004 after she personally experienced the challenges of securing reputable pet care services.

“It was always difficult as a single pet owner having to attend overnight workshops or fly interstate for work. My dog had a negative experience with a kennel and I thought - surely I’m not the only one…

“So I walked up to strangers in dog parks and asked them what they did with their pets when they travelled, and many just said, either my family will care for them, or else I just won’t travel.”

Following the opinion of 50 random pet owners, Deb identified a gap in the market for a service that partnered pet owners with like-minded and accredited sitters and carers. “At the time, there was nothing like Pet Cloud so I thought – I can keep on experiencing the same problem – or I can be the one to do something about it.

"So I sold my house and put the money into Pet Cloud. While the business was initially greeted with curiosity and even a little confusion (“I’ve received phone calls from fathers wanting to know if they could leave their kids with a pet sitter when they were at the pub!” she laughs), it’s actually quite simple to use.

“Pet owners start by creating a profile for them and their pet. Then they use the platform to post a job, message securely, meet in person, inspect the property and then hire pet carers,” says Deb.

Alternatively, when you fill out your pet’s profile and post a job, this sends out an alert in a 25km radius allowing available matching pet sitters and dog walkers to apply.

Pet Cloud’s partnership with RSPCA Queensland five years ago also confirmed them as one of the country’s premier pet care services.

“RSPCA Queensland invested in us because we help achieve one of their own missions and objectives – which is to reduce the rate of animal abandonment at holiday time. Having the RSPCA endorse Pet Cloud also allowed us to involve their vets and animal specialists and trainers in talking about the boarding process," Deb says.


Pet sitting for the Pandemic Age

pet cloud

 Above: Deb Webber, CEO of Pet Cloud Australia! 

Of all the stresses induced by a global pandemic, finding a reputable pet care service has certainly been one of the most challenging.

Fortunately, in the same way that workplaces have made it socially acceptable to conduct virtual meetings in leggings, and high-end hospitality venues have offered their degustation menus via delivery, Pet Cloud has pivoted - addressing the unique challenges faced by pet owners during Corona with a “paw-sitively new leash” on life.

Given evidence that shows the huge mental and physical health benefits of interacting with animals, it’s little wonder that pet-people heavily relied on the company of theirs during the pandemic.

However, the reality of isolation meant that these benefits were often accompanied by challenges, with hyperactive, house-bound animals exacerbating the stresses of their human owners.

“Pet Cloud really aims to alleviate these,” says Deb. With bored pets known to develop destructive habits (such as excessive barking, digging and restlessness), Pet Cloud’s extensive range of services offers a means to keep your pets mentally stimulated to ensure they are entertained.

“They can also assist with any anxiety from a change of routine,” adds Deb “Through Pet Cloud you’ll find experts in grooming and clipping, pet taxiing and doggy daycare - perfectly catering for the challenges of pandemic pet ownership,” Deb says.

The Perfect Pet Care Match

While Pet Cloud certainly delivers on traditional pet care, they are particularly passionate about providing pet care services that support National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participants to achieve their goals and improve their physical and mental well-being. NDIS participants (and their pets!) often have different needs, goals, and abilities. And Pet Cloud’s point of difference is that they offer assistance with domestic duties specifically in relation to pets.

“From poo patrol to kitty litter cleaning, whether they need their pets visited, minded, walked, washed, or driven to their grooming and vet checkups, Pet Cloud works by ensuring our pet care providers offer services that align with the participant’s goals in their plan.”

Pet Cloud customer Amelia* is a prime example of the power of specialised animal carers to make a difference. As the proud owner of two high-energy huskies (Dakota and Meeka), the Melbourne-local regularly relies on Pet Cloud to ensure her pampered pooches are cared for while she manages her psychosocial disability.  

“Amelia's huskies provide her with companionship and home security, given that she doesn't have a family network she can rely on for support," says Deb. “However, she receives noise complaints from neighbours if her huskies aren’t walked, which stresses her out and creates another barrier for her achieving her goals - which are currently focused on studying at TAFE a few days a week.

“Amelia reached out to Ped Cloud and we’ve been able to assist her with dog walks three times a week, which has enabled her focus on Tafe.”

Woof! Happy humans and happy hounds! 

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pet cloud

Nude Pets would like to thank Marie-Antoinette Issa for writing this wonderful article.

*Name has been changed for privacy reasons 

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