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If you're time-poor and you can't get your high-energy hound tired out, then you might want to check out these weighted vest from Rogue Royalty.

They're also amazing for building muscle and strength as well as helping chubby dogs slim down! 

My dogs have had their Rogue Royalty collars, harnesses and leashes for over 10 years now and they have never let us down!

In fact, they are so pawesome, that they are still in the same amazing condition as the day we got them, just worn in enough to contour to our dog's body shapes! 

Check them out wearing them in the snow at dog friendly  Dinner Plain Alpine Village a few years ago! 


My overweight husky (Pepi, on the left) shed down considerably using the weighted vests and my energiser bunny Sky (right) gets a great work out with hers. Simba (middle) just loves the security and snugness of the vest and can't wait to get hers on. 

Here's how these vests can help your dogs! 

✔️ They provide  additional resistance thanks to the weighted ingots you can slip inside which you can adjust according to your dog's needs.

✔️ The jackets are contoured and provide a snug, comfy fit that also allows plenty of freedom for your dog to run and play.

✔️Aid with weight loss for overweight dogs

✔️Build stamina and endurance 

✔️Increase muscle tone 

✔️ Burn excess energy 

✔️Great for agility and sporting use 

✔️ They also work really well as car restraints, and as calming, anti-anxiety thunder vests. 



Here's the selection you can choose from. 



And here are the weighted ingots - choose one, two or more, depending on your dog's needs and its size and weight.


weighted ingots for dog vest

Team them with Nude Pets healthy, nutritious, low fat free-range treats and you're investing in your dog's health and longevity! 

huskies in the snow wearing weighted vests


Please note: Weighted vests should never be used on dogs younger than two years of age. Excess strain from weighted vests can cause damage to their growing joints, bone and muscle structure. Never exceed a combined ingot weight of 10 to 20 percent of your dog's weight. 

Note: Nude Pets Does Not Receive Commission Or Payment For the Sale Of Weighted vests. We Simply Love To Promote Like Minded Businesses Who Love And Care For All Dogs As Much As We Do! 

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