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About Nude Pets

Nude Pets is the ultimate destination for all-natural, palm oil-free, preservative and chemical-free dog treats, grooming essentials and accessories.

At Nude Pets, we pride ourselves on offering you and your dog the very best products that are handmade in the NSW Southern Highlands, in small batch quantities.

Unlike many treat companies, we also offer vegan options for those who choose to raise their dogs that way, or who wish to get some more veggies in their dog's diet. 

Wherever possible, we use Australian-made, locally sourced ingredients and we never compromise on quality. 

Our treats are made using ethically-sourced, human-grade ingredients and they are naturally dried to eliminate the need for preservatives, additives or fillers.

Nude Pets treats are always low in fat and high in nutrients and taste. They are super healthy and easy for your dog to digest.

Our grooming and skincare range has been made with sensitive pups in mind, using the very best natural ingredients. All products are palm-oil free and cruelty-free.